Ancient wisdom for healing, life empowerment, and unapologetic self-care

The Call Within

I invite you to take a journey with me across the time-space continuum to access the ancient future wisdom of your own body knowing, heart knowing, and spirit knowing. By accessing your own inner compass and intuitive wisdom using the senses as guides, and in honoring the global mystery teachings throughout history that too have evolved from collective intuition, you can answer the call within. This call is unique to your mythic story, your dreams, and your destiny. Together, we can all fuel the fire of communal awakening that rewrites our future history.

In love,

Integrative Mystical Therapy

90-minute therapeutic session drawing from ancient mystery teachings, universal spiritual principles, mindfulness, and sensory engagement.

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Prenatal Goddess Temple

Safe and gentle 60+ minute session for pampering self-care and deep soul work between mama and baby

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Alexandra gives you the freedom to explore, to seek out what you feel and the courage to do so. She helped me open myself up and better connect with my true higher self.

— Robert (Chicago, IL)