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Posted on January 30, 2018

How do we transform heavy toxic energies that have accumulated in the body into light? How can we use the power of the sun to alchemize deep emotional traumas into our greatest sources of strength and wisdom?

I learned the practice of Illumination from Dr. Alberto Villoldo, a former researcher/scientist who spent a decade studying with the Q’ero Inkan shaman of Peru. Dr. Villoldo’s mentors and teachers granted him permission to bring their teachings to a wider audience that we may all heal and thrive. Within that context, I share this practice with you freely! In exchange, please consider donating to the Heart Walk Foundation, an international humanitarian organization that collaborates with remote Q’ero tribal villages in the high Andes Mountains of Peru.

In your mind’s eye, feel emanating now – from around your whole physical body – a vibrant golden pulsating energy field. A fluid, liquid halo cloud enveloping you as you move through physical space. Gently holding the emotions that flow from your heart to the world around you. And creating a container around you as information is breathed in and out of your being. This is the body of light that always surrounds your physical body.

Illumination Repairs the Light Body

In the modern western world, we are generally not aware of this light body, how it functions, or when and how it may become impacted by our life experiences (including traumas). But by using the Q’ero Inkan practice of Illumination, we can:

  • raise energy frequency
  • burn away toxic energies adhered to the light body
  • bring the nourishing, protective power of the sun into the light body to repair its fabric
  • pave the way for emotional-mental healing and improved physical health/immune system strength

How to Illuminate Your Own Light Body

Whether or not you’ve got something you’re actively “working on” (fatigue, a better diet, relationship issues, abundance/money issues, fears/phobias, physical disease, etc.) – an Illumination can serve as, at a minimum, a light body tune-up. Here’s how to perform an Illumination on yourself:

  1. Call in sacred space: Turn off your phone/ringer, find a quiet spot, light a candle, say a prayer, do whatever it is you feel called to do in order to take a break from routine to energetically declare “this space and this time is now sacred!” You may want to imagine gates opening. (If you can set up for this practice outside under the sun, it’s ideal but not at all necessary.)
  2. Lay down and relax: Find a divinely comfortable position; breathe deeply five times and feel your whole body loosen and melt.
  3. Feel into your Light Body: Sense or visualize your golden light body enveloping your physical body. Feel it radiate into your mind and your heart, as well.
  4. Honor the imprints, patterns, wounds: As you feel into your light body, you may or may not sense specifics imprints, patterns, tears, wounds, etc. This may come to you in images, words, physical sensations, emotions. Whether or not you receive specific information here, honor the state of your light body by saying out loud “I honor these wounds.” Give yourself sufficient time here to really explore and receive, to honor and respect.
  5. Fill each energy center with light: In your mind’s eye, fill up each of the body’s 7 energy centers with light from the sun. Spend at least 2-3 nourishing minutes on each energy center, really connecting to the light body through each energy center. You may choose to put your hand over each spot or simply focus your energy there, saying out loud at each center “May the light of the sun alchemize my wounds into my strength.”
    • Root: base of tailbone (survival and stability)
    • Sacral: pelvis / sacrum (creativity, sexuality and connection)
    • Solar Plexus: few inches above belly button (power center)
    • Heart: heart center (love and compassion)
    • Throat: throat (communication and expression)
    • Third Eye: just above / between the eyebrows (intuition and imagination)
    • Crown: center of top of head (transcendent bliss)
  6. Flood in sunlight: Feel the light of the sun, in your mind’s eye, wash over your entire physical body, mental body, and light body.
  7. Close sacred space: Take a few deep breaths, bring yourself back into the room you’re in and into your body. Allow yourself to feel a sense of gratitude. Open your eyes and actively close out sacred space in your mind’s eye. You may want to imagine gates closing.

Bask in the bliss of the Illumination!