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Honor your need for spiritual growth. Tend to self-care. Dare to resurrect your ancestral wisdom.

Step onto the path of personal evolution through devotional journeying!

Devotional Journeys

MOON MYSTERIES (2020 Series for Women)

Join us for local, in-person Full and Dark Moon circles in 2020 for women to come together, be in community, access rich ancestral wisdom, and practice deepening our direct relationship with the Moon and her magic.

REAWAKENING! Spark Your Spiritual Connection (Home-based Journey)

Join me for a week-long virtual immersion into the depths of your subconscious that have kept you from experiencing your highest spiritual connection – and fearlessly choose to step through the portals to your true spiritual essence.

Divine Feminine Mysteries Mentorship

Step into the mystery of a one-on-one mentorship that allows you to work deeply with Alexandra in a private setting, either in-person or virtually. Collaborate to choose the right starting point and path ahead, depending on your unique gifts, previous experience, personal goals and interests, and spiritual orientation.

Beltane Goddess Gathering 2018

Braid Your Union and Harmony to Celebrate the Mid-Point of Spring in Sacred Sisterhood!

Ostara Temple + Drum-Birthing (March 2018 Workshop)

Emerge from the dark of winter into the awakening spring by birthing a medicine drum and awakening the goddess Ostara within! Join Alexandra Pallas and Mia Luz on March 24 and 25, 2018 at Blueberry Gardens in Ashton, MD for magic, connecting with mother earth, and diving into the mysteries of the goddess!

New Moon Workshop: Sensory Pathway to Peace (April 2018)

Float on the waters of the new moon as a time of intention setting ... to see, hear, smell, taste, and touch your way to radiating inner peace out to the community and the world.

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