MOON MYSTERIES (2020 Series for Women)

Reflection, Ritual and Resurrection of the Ancient Ways

Join us for local, in-person Full and Dark Moon circles in 2020 for women to come together, be in community, access rich ancestral wisdom, and practice deepening our direct relationship with the Moon and her magic.

The Ancient Ways

To many ancient peoples across the planet, the Moon was not only a time-keeper but a spiritual guide, a grandmother of ancestral wisdom, and a mirror into the bodies and souls of women. The Moon has long been associated with dreams, the subconscious realm, intuition, instincts, emotions, water, and women’s “moon” (menstrual) cycles.

Reconnecting with Ancestral Moon Magic

Sadly, we have largely lost our connection to the Moon. This loss of connection represents an even deeper disconnect within the hearts, bodies, and souls of women across the planet who are desperately seeking (consciously or not) to rekindle our connection to our inner feminine wisdom, our ancestral lineages, and our collective magic.

If we are to regain our connection to the Moon, we’ll need to start by understanding that She is more than just a symbol, more than a celestial rock. We’ll need to accept her invitation to see, treat, and commune with her as a living, breathing source of wisdom in this mystical cosmos that our planet calls home. The Moon is the Goddess in all her forms — waxing and waning from maiden to mother to crone; fluctuating through all the faces and facets of womanhood; and ebbing and flowing to guide our bodies’ natural rhythms.

Into the Moon Mysteries

The Moon Mysteries Series offers local, in-person Full and Dark Moon circles in 2020 for women to come together, be in community, and practice deepening our direct relationship with the Moon — hence with ourselves and with each other. We’ll explore ancient practices, sacred rituals, meditative journeying, engagement of the 5 senses (art-making, nature-soaking, moon-gazing, journaling, holy oils, and more!). Each month, we’ll meet either for the Full Moon or the Dark Moon, and we’ll focus on a different theme related to Moon Mysteries.

2020 Schedule

Friday, January 24: Dark Moon ~ Introduction: Activate Your Connection to the Moon; and Seeding Possibilities & Potential
Sunday, February 9: Full Moon ~ The Heart of Forgiveness and Compassion
Monday, March 9: Full Moon / SuperMoon ~ The Waters of Inner Wisdom
Tuesday, April 7: Full Moon / SuperMoon ~ Liberate: Purge & Purify
Friday, May 22: Dark Moon ~ The Light Shield of Courage
Friday, June 5: Full Moon ~ Celebrate Good Times, C’Mon!
Sunday, July 5: Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse ~ Supple & Ripe: Oh So Sensual
Sunday, Aug 2: Full Moon ~ The Fire of the Wild Woman
Thursday, Sept 17: Dark Moon ~ The Path of Initiation
Friday, Oct 16: Dark Moon ~ Ancestral Secrets & Magic
Monday, Nov 30: Full Moon ~ Mythmaking: Visions & Dreams
Sunday, Dec 13: Dark Moon / Total Solar Eclipse / Meteor Shower ~ Journey to the Underworld

LOCATION: TBD in Ellicott City, MD.
**Event open to women and non-men.**

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