Birth a Medicine Drum and Enter the Temple of the Goddess Ostara!

Emerge from the dark of winter into the awakening spring by birthing a medicine drum and awakening the goddess Ostara within! Join Alexandra Pallas and Mia Luz on March 24 and 25, 2018 at Blueberry Gardens in Ashton, MD for magic, connecting with mother earth, and diving into the mysteries of the goddess!

Shamanic Drum Birthing* (March 24)

Experience the magic of birthing your own cedar-framed elk hide medicine drum and mallet, with your very own love, passion & energy entwined in its being. Connect with the heartbeat of Mother Earth and the spirit world to discover your true self.

You will learn some basic shamanic traditions and rituals and as a final passage, Mia will drum over each newly born drum to pass on the vibration of the linage of drums from the Ojibwe that has been passed down to each new drum for generations!

*Open to all

Ostara Temple Immersion* (March 25)

Re-awaken the goddess within and experience firsthand the lost rituals and rites of your ancient priestess lineage, in celebration of the coming of spring:

  • Pass through two mystery gateways to enter the temple of the Goddess Ostara
  • Deepen into journeying to invoke Ostara to rise within
  • Practice presence as you sit in circle, in remembrance of the divine feminine sisterhood
  • Embody germination and creation through ecstatic dance
  • Be guided through self-initiations and rituals for fertility, creativity, and prayers for yourself and the world

*Women only

The Temple Gatekeepers (Workshop Facilitators)

Mia Luz is a contemporary medicine woman, alchemical priestess, circle facilitator, drum-doula, certified practitioner of shamanic energy medicine, an Ojibwe Pipe Carrier, and a mother.

Alexandra Pallas is a divine feminine activist | integrative mystical therapy practitioner | mindful education advocate | instructional designer of sacred learning | modern-day priestess.

Are you ready for the initiation?

Birth Spring, Birth You!

Step out of the dark of winter to step into birthing ancient wisdom and new creations.

Take your seat in the circle


Payment methods accepted: credit, PayPal, Gift Cards (available in the Apothecary).

Full Workshop (March 24-25) $330/$360/$390 (14/16/18” drum); Ostara Temple only (March 25): $88.