Ancient Secrets of Sacred Self Massage: A Devotional Practice for Women

(FOR WOMEN) Move at your own pace through the gateways of 8 self-massage techniques, 8 goddess archetypes and their sacred oils, and 8 opportunities for profound personal transformation. Immerse yourself in ancient self-massage practices that will nurture your body, lift your spirit, and heal your heart.

Choose to set aside a full “home spa” weekend or take an hour per week over a period of two months (or anything in between) to honor and nourish vital layers of the body (energetic, skin and lymphatic, fascia, muscular, endocrine, abdominal organs, and yoni) and exfoliate layers of emotional gunk.

The Hands Of Giving And Receiving

  • Experience the simultaneity of serving as both the toucher and the touched
  • Release unnecessary worrying and misdirected anger (two faces of fear) through active surrender
  • Fill up with the universe’s abundant loving life-force through the power of your own intention
  • Practice self-forgiveness using gentle hands
  • Allow yourself to be held and supported by the embodied living goddess in you
  • Be filled with abundance, opportunity, and luscious fertility sourced from your own womb
  • Give yourself permission to open to sexual healing and freedom


Sacred Self-Massage

Walk the path of sacred self-massage with me if you resonate with feeling:

  • Out of touch with, disconnected from, or resentful of your body (“I resent my body — or what it’s done to me…”)
  • Anxious, nervous, or unsettled (“Will I ever find any peace?”)
  • Angry, easily frustrated with, or judgmental of yourself or others (“It’s all your fault!”)
  • Fatigued, muted, or melancholy (“I am just so tired…”)
  • Lack or not-enoughness (“I’ll never be good enough…”)
  • Abandonment (“I am always left out and left behind…”)
  • Sterility (“I’m empty and barren…”)
  • Sexual frustration or trauma (“I am cut off from my sexual identity and freedom…”)


During this journey, you’ll receive online access to 8 divine explorations, including:

  • Guided videos of 8 goddess archetypes and self-massage practices (how-to demos and full guided devotional journeys to accompany you during your self-massage experience):
    • Eirene, Greek Goddess of Peace: Energetic No-touch Chakra Massage
    • Pele, Hawaiian Goddess of Fire: Skin and Lymphatic Massage
    • Quan Yin, Chinese Goddess of Compassion: Do-In (Ancient Chinese Self-Massage)
    • Lakshmi, Indian Goddess of Abundance: Abhyanga (Ancient Indian Self-Massage)
    • Hathor, Egyptian Goddess of Divine Love and Motherhood: Egyptian Anointing
    • Ixchel, Mayan Moon Goddess: Mayan Abdominal Massage
    • Mary Magdalene, Goddess of Love and Sacred Sex: Ecstatic Sex Practice
    • Kali, Hindu Goddess of Destruction, Liberation and Creation: Fascia Flush
  • A set of sacred rituals (online access) to accompany each goddess archetype and self-massage practice and be performed in your own home
  • A self-massage kit (sent to your home)
    • 8 sacred essential oil blends (5ml bottles)
    • Skin brush

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Devotional journey contribution is $369.