REAWAKENING! Spark Your Spiritual Connection

A guided journey into the 7 shadows of spiritual separation and the 7 mystical portals of spiritual connection.

Join me for a week-long virtual immersion into the depths of your subconscious that have kept you from experiencing your highest spiritual connection – and fearlessly choose to step through the portals to your true spiritual essence.

The Invitation

  • Discover your shadows of spiritual separation and how they play a role in your day-to-day life, without you even knowing it
  • Learn how your subconscious is secretly storing information that becomes patterned into ways of thinking and being that have you believe you are not even capable of being spiritually connected
  • Define what spiritual connection truly means to you, and learn why spiritual connection is always spiritual reconnection
  • Choose to step into a realm of mysticism to shake up repetitive routines that aren’t serving you or the world

The Calling

I invite you to step in if you’ve ever felt like:

  • You can’t get over old wounds and patterns that are getting in the way of you finding a sense of satisfaction with where you are in your life
  • You find yourself jealous, sad, or angry at the spiritual peace others seems to effortlessly cultivate for themselves
  • You just aren’t a “spiritual person” – but wish you were
  • You yearn for a deep spiritual connection – within yourself, with the universe/god/goddess, with nature, and/or in your relationships
  • You have previously had a profound spiritual epiphany or awakening but can’t seem to “get it back”
  • You need some space to explore your own spiritual identity with the companionship of a trusted ally
  • You have a spiritual itch or curiosity but are not interested in organized religion

Offerings (what you’ll get)

  • A deep immersion into The Seven Shadows of Spiritual Separation (the subconscious wounds) and 7 Portals of Spiritual Connection (the gateways to the true spiritual self):
    • Religion & Old Spiritual Paradigms – Portal of Fire
    • Spiritual Unworthiness – Portal of the Diamond
    • External Spiritual Sourcing – Portal of Joy
    • Deflection of Spiritual Responsibility – Portal of Presence
    • Spiritual De-prioritization – Portal of Remembrance
    • Spiritual Depth Avoidance – Portal of the Mirror
    • Spiritual Addiction – Portal of the Chalice
  • Daily content including video transmissions to explore each day’s shadow and portal. Great care has gone into providing sacred, enticing, relevant content and video transmissions that guide you through the day’s experience.
  • A sacred reflection workbook with daily deepening activities – This is where the real magic happens, where you process and integrate new learnings and discoveries! You’ll use guided journaling, ritual*, and sacred journeying.
  • An email check-in with me on Day 6.
  • A live, one-on-one 60-minute closing journey/ritual* with me on Day 7 to seal the sanctuary experience and set intentions for your lifelong spiritual journey.

*Why ritual? If ritual is new to you, fear not! These are not religious ceremonies! Ritual is a way of honoring, releasing, or inviting what resides in our inner world (mentally, emotionally, and spiritually) through a meaningful, intentional outer world experience.

Step Inside!

Is the sanctuary calling you?

Claim your presence in the Sanctuary for Spiritual Connection and journey into greater spiritual depths. Coming soon!

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Payment methods accepted: credit, PayPal. Gift certificates available in the Apothecary.

Sanctuary entry contribution is $169.