Personalized one-on-one sessions offer a soothing, sacred space where you are gently guided to:

  • breathe, relax, and experience unapologetic pampering (while alchemizing the guilt commonly felt when “indulging” in self-care)
  • explore what it feels like in the physical and emotional bodies to be receptive to the universe’s unconditional love (especially for us Type A’s or those of us who have hardened our hearts)
  • cultivate the courage to become more open to the mystery of what wants to unfold within the subconscious (because what we resist shall persist)
  • face fears and limiting beliefs as a gateway to finding personal portals to the mystical dimension
  • choose to shed sticky patterns of thought, feeling, and behavior (and old stories of self-identity)
  • remember the essence of “Who am I? Why am I here?” (aligning to the soul’s deepest purpose and wisdom)
  • practice full body-mind-spirit presence for self-awareness and getting in touch with our truest desires
*10% of all profits are donated either to the Heartwalk Foundation to honor the Q'ero people of Peru or the Indian Woman and Child Welfare Trust.

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I'm pretty sure my body has never been this relaxed and calm.

— Terri (Baltimore, MD)