Healer’s Magisterium

The 90-minute Healer’s Magisterium session is offered explicitly for those who facilitate healing for others (energy healers, therapists, holistic doctors, etc.).

The session is preceded by a self-assessment that defines your session goals, priorities, preferences, and comfort level to help shape our time together.

What are the focus areas for this session?

  • Releasing external energies and entities that you may have acquired while doing energy/healing work with others
  • Refreshing your practice by intuiting and integrating new areas of skill and passion
  • Re-aligning with your source to prevent energy exhaustion and overload
  • Honoring space and time needed away from the work
  • Staying committed to your own personal practices that keep you grounded, centered, and connected
  • Allowing yourself to receive -- healing, relaxation, and restoration
  • Partnering to work through your own life’s challenges in a safe, confidential space (stress; depression; anxiety; fatigue; addiction; physical dis-ease, pregnancy loss; relationship troubles; financial worry; parenting issues; etc.)

What happens during a typical session?

  • Inductionshort intake chat to orient ourselves to the work
  • The Sanctuary Experience (60+ minutes)
  • Intuitive Integrationshort chat to close out the session
  • Mystery gift to take home

What happens during the Sanctuary Experience?

Depending on your goals for the session, we’ll integrate methods and practices from multiple modalities (drawing from ancient mystery teachings, universal spiritual principles, mindfulness, and sensory engagement). You can expect to spend at least a portion of our time together lying comfortably on a massage table, but may also be seated.

We may explore ritual, sensory engagement, and the elements: vision / fire (guided visualizations; divination readings; open-eyed meditation/mindful seeing; sacred symbols; vision boarding); sound / ether (music; drumming; chanting; journeying); taste / water (flower essences; taste therapy); touch / air (anointing, AromaTouch therapy, healing stones/crystals); scent / earth (plant spirit medicine; essential oil therapy). You may also enjoy guided breath-work to encourage energy to move through you.

Feel drawn to this session?

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Payment methods accepted: cash, credit, PayPal. Payment plans and gift certificates available.

First Session: $133

13 Moon Journey* (1 session per month for 12 months): $1669

3 Moons Intensive* (8 sessions within 3 months): $997

4-in-6 Intensive (4 sessions within 6 weeks): $549

Single Session: $169

*Additional 10% off if purchased within 24 hours of first session

*10% of all profits are donated either to the Heartwalk Foundation to honor the Q'ero people of Peru or the Indian Woman and Child Welfare Trust.

It was wonderful ... There was a feeling of being very taken care of, which allowed me to rest deeply. The insight we gained from the session was so healing and informative for me — It explained a lot and allowed me to choose a new path.

— Shanna (Los Angeles, CA)