Private Rituals

Be guided to co-create a personal ritual as an act of creation … a celebration … an embodiment of your own ancestral wisdom ... a rite of passage … in communion with nature/god/goddess.

What is Ritual?

Rituals are intentional gestures and acts of devotion and/or communion with self/nature/God/Goddess. While they can be religious, in the context of my work they are non-religious. Rituals provide the opportunity for us to reignite our inner belief that we are powerful enough, magical enough, and humble enough to both call to nature/God/Goddess -- and be heard -- and hear & heed its/His/Her response. Ritual is an expressive, co-creative, dynamic means by which we can worship, honor, adore, set intentions, offer gratitude, and celebrate rites of passage. To the outside observer, it may appear that rituals are merely symbolic but they are highly experiential.

Why do people do Rituals?

Key words to remember with rituals: honoring, form, and magic. Certainly some rituals are spontaneous and others are highly planned, but in either case there is a deep inner need to honor/be honored, or to witness/be witnessed, with intentionality -- be it through celebratory rites of passage, in gratitude or sorrow, in setting an intention, or in expressing devotional reverence to nature's cycles.

Giving manifest form and material/physical expression to emotions, desires, and initiatory change in life allows us to feel those emotions deeply (hence release them), express those desires declaratively (hence be able to work toward them with resolve), and acknowledge changes with honor (hence move through them). Essentially, rituals allow us to understand ourselves and nature more deeply, co-creatively. Rituals challenge our modern interpretation of what "magic" is, as we learn to expect and not be surprised or afraid when nature/God/Goddess synchronistically and synergistically answers our calls.

What will happen during your Ritual?

It's all in the mystery! Possibilities include connecting with the elements (fire/air/earth/water) ceremoniously yet experientially, making art, practicing mindful meditation, exploring nature, writing/journaling, exploring the textures of sacred space, dabbling with holy oils / sacred scent, divination readings, working with sacred geometry and sacred sound (music; drumming; chanting; journeying), and guided breathwork. The Ritual will depend on your intentions, your goals, your emotions, your mood, and your desires.

Private Rituals are offered in the Ellicott City, MD area. Online rituals are currently not being offered.

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Payment methods accepted: cash, credit, PayPal. Payment plans and gift certificates available.

One Moon (1 Ritual): $133

Threee Moons (3 Rituals within 3 Months): $333

*10% of all profits are donated either to the Heartwalk Foundation to honor the Q'ero people of Peru or the Indian Woman and Child Welfare Trust.

I felt an expansion. Something you feel and know is there but Alexandra helps create and connect more fully.

— Sarah (Baltimore, MD)