To receive an anointing is to be blessed, to be imbued with the vibrational frequency of liquid love.

Anointing is the ritual act of pouring or applying holy oils onto the body. You may be familiar with anointing from its use in organized religions; however, this practice predates modern religion and was in fact used in ancient civilizations with advanced knowledge of spiritual technologies such as sacred geometry, plant spirit medicine, and vibrational healing.

What happens during an Anointing?

Our time together will begin by establishing and opening a safe, sacred space. Much like a massage, you’ll disrobe to your comfort level and rest underneath a sheet on a massage table. We’ll typically begin with some breathwork and a guided visualization to help get you settled into your body. A sequential series of holy oil blends will then be applied to visceral contact points in alignment with the body’s energy meridians. Along the way, I may intuitively use sound and/or energy balancing techniques as a method of integrating the vibrational properties of the oils into your physical body and energy body.

Receiving an anointing with holy oils is a sensual, sensory delight – a highly intimate experience (and, obviously, non-sexual). As you become attuned to the vibrational frequency of each oil, you may experience deep relaxation, a melting sensation, a somatic flow of ancestral wisdom, and/or a release of emotion. As this experience will support your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems in coming back into balance, you will need to drink plenty of water after the session and aim for a restful afternoon/evening. In fact, the oils will continue to do their immediate magic up to 72 hours post-session, so it’s best to leave them on if possible. You may feel their effects for several weeks.

Please allow approx. 2 hour for your session.

About the Oils

My oils are essential oil blends that are ceremoniously consecrated specifically for use in anointing. Among other oils, I use holy oils from The Emerald Temple. These oils are extremely high quality, vibrationally potent, and although they are 100% pure organic essential oils (no filler, no fragrances), they are highly fragrant (more so than any essential oil you are used to!). From Diana Dubrow of the Emerald Temple:

“My oils are called Treasured Ethereals, which the ancient French alchemists called ‘liquid light’ in a bottle. The evocative fragrance of the oils awakens memories and stir emotions allowing you to journey inward … In the temples of old, each anointing was a consecrated rite of passage, helping you to release what no longer serves you, while affirming that you are a holy vessel of love. The oils are the kiss of spirit on the body that changes lives.”

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*10% of all profits are donated either to the Heartwalk Foundation to honor the Q'ero people of Peru or the Indian Woman and Child Welfare Trust.